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Talents Acquisition

Corporate sales manager

Job description

1. Explore potential customers, develop sales plans in line with the customer needs, provide proposals and quotations, and facilitate the process of signing contracts;

2. Learn more about and analyze the market information and customer needs, and pay attention to the competitors' information and analyze it;

3. Complete all kinds of sales reports, follow up the project, submit related analysis report to the superior on time;

4. Cooperate with other colleagues to follow up some projects;

5. Cooperate with related departments to complete the service for customers;

6. Provide best services for customers to enhance their satisfaction and recognition;

7. Familiar with the performance of our products, follow up the feedback of customers, and timely report to the product department;

8. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.


1. College degree or above, major in computer or other related fields, 1 year or above sales experience or consultant experience in communication industry.

2. Familiar with value-added services of communication, especially with cloud products, learn more about the communication industry and domestic market, and maintain a good relationship with local network operators;

3. Have a wide range of enterprise customer resources;

4. Have the courage to challenge yourselves, and work under pressure with team spirit;

5. A quick learner with good English, excellent communication and coordination skills.

Contact information

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