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Relying on the T3+ level data center planned and designed by IBM, CACloud has rich network resources and can provide highly professional and reliable hosting services, network access services and disaster recovery services for customers.


Machine room
Designed and planned by IBM
T3+ standard, PUE=1.5
42U standard cabinet
Standard 10A, no need to be transformed below 25A
Cold channel, and VIP cage
Power system
35KV independent substation, and double independent incoming line
Total capacity: 2*6000KVA
UPS: Four groups of 2N mode, and double 10KV independent incoming lines from municipal power
Power distribution: dual UPS
Power backup: N+1 mode diesel generator set system with dual diesel supply
Diesel reserve: ensure 24 hours normal operation
Cooling system
N+1 mode Carrier chiller, and dual water circulation system
cooling water tank with full load for 24 hours and chilled water tank with full load for 15 minutes
Each precision air conditioner cycled with double cooling water pipe. Lower air supply, isolate cold and hot air, and enclosed cold air design. 
Temperature: 22+/-2℃; Humidity: 50+/-10%
Ranging detection system for water leakage 
Security system
infrared intrusion detection in perimeter
Isolation area for collision prevention around IDC
Security guards in machine room for 7*24 hours
Security screening system
Identity authentication
Fingerprint verification in different zones
360° full image monitoring
Fire fighting system
Active sprinkler system
IG541 mixed gas extinguishing system
Separate main channel and service channel, and equipped with barricade facilities
CCTV surveillance system covering all public areas
Network system
Interconnection between neutral operators (BGP) and the three operators, including China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile
Double incoming lines, and double-operator machine room
Fully redundant network structure