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Based on MPLS backbone network, CACloud SD-WAN connects all stations flexibly and stably through automatic network deployment and management.

Determine the best network path and resource switching to ensure the high quality of data transmission, and offer high quality network access services, including Internet broadband access, dedicated line access, and 4G wireless network access.


Stable and reliable: Stable, secure, and end-to-end exclusive bandwidth.

Network optimization: Dedicated line access, and exclusive bandwidth.

Flexible access: A variety of line types and bandwidth, and flexible access scheme.

One-stop service: One-stop cost-effective access services.

Operation and maintenance: 7*24 hours network monitoring service.

Platform features

  • More flexible

    Gateway resource pool mode,
    no geographic restrictions

  • More optimized

    Intelligent dynamic routing ensures optimal transmission and WAN acceleration

  • faster

    Massive online within 3 days,
    no labor waste, elastic expansion

  • More efficient

    Low failure rate,
    simplified and large-scale operation and maintenance


Controller: Manage and configure the access of SPE POOL and SCE, and realize the scheduling and management of SD-WAN in the whole network.

SPE POOL: Access and aggregate SCE, and import the traffic into MPLS VPN backbone network.

Router a ccess in SCE: Access router devices in enterprise sites or data center edge.

Product features

  • Application
  • Parameters
  • Features
  • Models

Unified resource scheduling and configuration, and visualized management.

Real-time and intelligent backbone network path optimization.

End-to-end network performance monitoring service and SLA guarantee.

Portal-based user self-service guide and network performance monitoring.

Parameters support
Zero touch deployment support
Zero touch deployment support
Zero touch deployment support
Zero touch deployment support
Zero touch deployment support
Zero touch deployment support