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Domestic BGP


CACloud domestic BGP adopts multi-line interconnection and multi-level network structure, and redundancy is designed for devices, links, ports and routes in different levels.

It has the advantages of excellent performance, mutual backup, capacity expansion on demand, emergency backup and so on.

High speed interconnection has now been achieved with China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom and other large operators.


Interconnection between different operators: Establish interconnection between different operators to solve the problem of poor network among them.

Optimal routing: Both the uplink and downlink can choose the optimal path.

Redundant reliability: CACloud BGP multi-line structure integrates with high-end equipment and highly redundant connection to ensure the reliability of lines.

Simple deployment: Only one IP address needs to be set in the server of the user end, and the multi-line mode can be easily achieved with intelligent routing choice.


  CACloud BGP Single wire
implementation BGP protocols automatically choose the optimal routing. The routes can be switched in the Internet Exchange Point.
IP address management Only a single IP address needs to be configured. A single IP of every operator needs to be configured.
Network service quality Poor interconnection between different operators can be improved. The problem of poor interconnection between different operators  is serious.
Network redundancy High redundancy of devices, links, ports and routes Poor network redundancy